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Driving Record Points

As part of Nevada’s ‘Driver Improvement Program’, demerits are assigned to your driving record if a traffic violation occurs.  Demerits are assigned once a conviction notice is received by a court.  Your Nevada driver’s license will be suspended if 12 demerits or more are received in one year.   Attending a Nevada DMV approved traffic safety school will remove a maximum of 3 demerits in a one year period.  Even if points are removed by taking the class, the record of the conviction will remain as part of your driving history.

1-10 mph over the posted limit 1
Driving to fast for conditions  
11-20 mph over the posted limit 3
21-30 mph over the posted limit
31-40 mph over the posted limit 5
41 mph or more over the posted limit 6


Additional penalties/demerit points for some traffic violations may be assigned if you have a commercial driver’s license.


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