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Dealing With a Nevada Speeding Ticket

If you were exceeding the speed limit and it was clearly marked, you might want to plead guilty and pay the fine without getting an attorney involved. Appearing in court and contesting the ticket is always an option.  If you contest the ticket you will want to have all of the facts of the situation (time, weather conditions, location, and account of what you and the officer said).  If at trial you feel you did not receive the appropriate verdict you can appeal.  You should hire an attorney to mount an appeal.

If you have accumulated 3-11 demerits on your Nevada Driving Record, you may have 3 demerits removed by completing a Nevada traffic safety course approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.  The course can not be a part of a plea-bargain to have the points deducted.  Only one course per year can be taken and the record of conviction will remain on your Nevada Driving Record.

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