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What Are Traffic Lights?

Traffic signals are used to control pedestrian and vehicle traffic at intersections.  When a traffic signal is not working, you must come to a complete stop before proceeding.  After checking for pedestrians and other vehicles, you may proceed with caution.  The most common type of traffic signal is one with a green, yellow and red light.


Green Light – signal to go

  • Steady green light– You can proceed through an intersection.
  • Green arrow – The arrow will indicate the direction of the turn.  While the arrow is showing, the turn is protected from other traffic.


Yellow Light – signals caution

  • Steady yellow light – When you see a yellow light, and are not already in the intersection, you should stop.  The yellow light indicated that the signal will soon turn red.  The meaning of the yellow light is not to speed up as fast as you can to make it through the intersection before the light turns red.  This action could cause accidents.
  • Flashing yellow light – You can proceed but with caution.


Red Light – signal to stop

  • Steady red light - When the light is red you should come to a complete stop before you come to the intersection.  Some intersections will have a cross walk or a stop line that your vehicle should stop behind.  Once the light turns green then you may proceed.  A right turn during a red signal is permitted if there is no sign to indicate otherwise.  To make a turn on red: come to a complete stop, check for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, if the traffic is clear then proceed.
  • Flashing red light – This has the same meaning as a stop sign.  You must come to a complete stop then proceed once the intersection is clear.
  • Side by side flashing red lights – Indicates a railroad crossing and the train is approaching.  You should stop and never try to beat the train.  If the side by side lights are not flashing look to see that the tracks are clear and proceed with caution.


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