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Nevada Red Lights

Currently, there is a pilot program (January 2008 to January 2009) to evaluate the use of red light cameras in Nevada..  Cameras are placed at busy intersections to catch red light runners.  The cameras are only activated when a violation occurs.  The intersection cameras will stay if the data shows that crashes from motorists running red lights have decreased.

Red Light Cameras have been under some scrutiny because of the increased incidence of rear-end collisions.  Red light cameras may panic a driver and cause unnecessary, abrupt braking; however, many States have seen great success in the reduction of red light violations after installing the red light cameras, and Nevada is hoping for the same success.

Because of the high tourist population, Nevada’s roadways are often riddled with pedestrians and motor vehicles.  Red light cameras take a picture of the vehicle and vehicle’s license plate if a driver runs a red light, so locating the driver and issuing the citation will not pose a problem.  

In January of 2009, Nevada red light cameras will be reassessed and new statistics issued.  Nevada red light camera advocates are hoping for a reduction of traffic accidents and citations at intersections where red light cameras have been installed.

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