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DWI Statistics

Every 30 minutes, a person will die from a DUI related crash in the United States. According to statistics, 40% of drivers will be involved in a crash with a drunk or intoxicated driver in their lifetime. These statistics are staggering and demand attention!  DUI related accidents accounted for approximately 38% of Nevada motor vehicle fatalities in 2006.  Reports issued in January of 2008 revealed that 49 crashes occurred and 187 crashes were the result of drivers driving under the influence in January alone!

The average BAC of these drivers was 0.15 and 5% of these drivers were convicted of prior DUI’s.  If the numbers keep pace with the January statistics, it is likely that the percentage of alcohol related fatalities will increase over the remainder of this year and exceed 2006’s statistics.  

This is alarming!  You are not capable of driving if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and somebody’s life, even your own life, is at stake if you take-to-the-wheel!  While Nevada is making great strides in their DUI prevention programs, this is a problem that still demands attention.

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