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DWI Costs

If you are charged with a Nevada DUI, you will pay fines and fees associated with the charge.  Also, if you are convicted of a related offense, such as failure to submit to a chemical test, additional fines and fees will apply.  These fines and fees are mandated; however, you may suffer other financial loss if the imposed legal and administrative penalties impact your personal and professional life.  Depending on the degree and frequency of your offense, you may find yourself faced with the following:

  • Driver’s license is revoked for 90 days to 3 years, making it difficult to commute to work
  • May be required to file an SR-22, Proof of Financial Responsibility which will significantly increase your insurance rates
  • Criminal penalties may be imposed and you may spend up to 20 years in jail, making it difficult to find future employment
  • You will pay fine of $400 to $5,000
  • Payment of tuition for DUI school; average cost is $150


In addition, you will want to hire an experienced Nevada DUI Lawyer, which can cost you in excess of $2,000.  Finally, if you injure or kill someone because you were driving under the influence, you may face a lawsuit.

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