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DUI/DWI Basics

Nevada is governed by several DUI-related laws and, if pulled over for suspicion of a DUI, you can be charged with any of the following:

  • Driving with a BAC of .08 or higher (.02 if under 21) – Violation of DUI Law
  • Driving impaired with any BAC level – Violation of Illegal Per Se Law
  • Refusing to submit to a chemical test – Violation of Implied Consent Law


Depending on the frequency and severity of your conviction on any of the aforementioned Nevada laws may result in:

  • Driver’s license revocation for 90 days to 3 years
  • May be required to file an SR-22, Proof of Financial Responsibility which will significantly increase your insurance rates
  • Criminal penalties being imposed and you may spend up to 20 years in jail
  • You will pay fines of $400 to $5,000
  • Payment of tuition for DUI school; average cost is $150


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