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Drugs and Driving

Drugs include all illegal, prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  If you are under the influence of illegal drugs, you will face DUI and other charges, such as possession, if pertinent to your specific situation.

If you are under the care of a physician and are taking prescription drugs, it is your responsibility, as a driver, to know the effects of such prescription drugs.  If you are aware that these prescription drugs will cause impairment, do not drive!  If you are unsure of how your body will react to these prescription drugs, do not operate a motor vehicle!
Over-the-counter drugs can also cause adverse reactions.  Again, if you are aware of the effects, do not drive!  If you are unsure, allow yourself a trial period during which you become familiar with the over-the-counter drug and the effects it has on your body before you operate a motor vehicle.

The penalties for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of illegal, prescription or over-the-counter drugs are similar to those for driving under the influence of alcohol; however, as noted earlier, there may be additional convictions if you are in possession of illegal substances.

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