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Alcohol and Driving

Simply put, this is a terrible idea!  In fact, it could turn out to be the most dangerous, most costly mistake you will ever make in your life.  Take a look at what alcohol does to your brain:

  • Inhibition of thought processes, impairment of the senses and an overall feeling of euphoria and self-confidence will occur when the Cerebral Cortex is affected by alcohol.  These are the first signs of impairment that appear
  • The Limbic System will be affected next.  Pronounced emotional responses will become evident in the form of excessive crying, anger and withdrawal.
  • The Cerebellum, which controls fine and gross motor movements, will be affected next and you will experience a gross loss of coordination and balance
  • Alcohol will then affect the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary Gland, resulting in increased urges and frequent urination
  • The most dangerous and possibly fatal results ensue when the Medulla is affected. The intake of large amounts of alcohol will cause loss of consciousness and even death if your breathing and temperature slow-down, consciousness and heart rate will be adversely affected.


Severe impairment can stem from alcohol consumption.  This is a physiological fact that cannot be disputed!

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