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Insurance Rates and Driving Records

Your auto insurance rates are directly affected by your Nevada Driving Record.  Auto insurance companies will use your Nevada Driving Record to determine risk and assess your auto insurance premiums.  The more demerits you accumulate, the less likely you are to receive reasonable rates; in fact, you run the risk of being denied auto insurance if your Nevada Driving Record is excessively marred.  Auto insurance companies will request a 3 to 5 year history of your Nevada Driving Record, so be sure you have checked your Driving Record for errors before shopping around.

Those drivers with a ‘clean’ Nevada Driving Record will see the lowest auto insurance premiums and the most discounts.  Those drivers with demerits will be penalized with higher auto insurance premiums and little or no access to discounts.  If you are a driver who falls into the latter category, it is recommended that you voluntarily enroll in a Nevada Defensive Driving School, such as the one offered by Driving University, to reduce your demerits and salvage at least a portion of your Nevada Driving Record.

If you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager who is shopping around for the best auto insurance rates, speak to representatives from auto insurance agencies to determine if enrollment in a Nevada Defensive Driving School will earn you auto insurance discounts.

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