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Risks of Not Having Auto Insurance

There are personal, financial and legal consequences associated with not having Nevada auto insurance.
Nevada auto insurance is meant to protect you in the event that the unforeseen occurs.  If you are in an accident, your auto insurance will pay out big bucks, depending on your coverage amounts, to ensure that all persons are reimbursed for their personal and property damages.  If you do not have auto insurance, you can expect to pay this out-of-pocket.  The bills you incur do not simply ‘go away’ because you do not have insurance.  You are personally and financially responsible for all damages you caused; victims will seek reimbursement via legal means, so your assets will be in jeopardy.  

Legally, the State of Nevada requires that all drivers who register a motor vehicle in Nevada obtain at least the minimum liability auto insurance coverage required by law.  The Nevada DMV employs the use of an Insurance Verification Program to track uninsured and underinsured motorists and to identify those motorists who have cancelled and/or had their policy terminated.  If the driver cannot provide proof of coverage, the Nevada DMV suspends registration on the motor vehicle and the vehicle may be impounded.  Once this happens, a $250 fee must be paid in order to reinstate auto insurance on the motor vehicle.

The risks of not having Nevada auto insurance are costly and can cause serious, long-term detriment to you and your family.  Obtain at least the minimum Nevada auto insurance coverage and avoid the serious consequences that otherwise might ensue.

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