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Nevada Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles over 50cc must be registered and insured in the State of Nevada and require the same minimum liability coverage as other motor vehicles.  At the time of purchase and/or registration, you will have to pay all associated fees plus $6.00 to help fund motorcycle safety programs.

Motorcyclists run the risk of incurring more serious injuries if they are involved in a traffic accident; for this reason, the minimum Nevada auto insurance requirements may not be sufficient to cover your medical bills.  It is recommended that you speak to your auto insurance agent about increased medical coverage.

If you are insuring a motorcycle, you should keep in mind that your premium will depend on a few factors:

  • Type and Brand
  • Your age
  • Your Nevada Driving Record
  • Your driving experience
  • Where the bike will be kept

Nevada offers Motorcycle Safety Courses across the State.  These courses are highly recommended and may earn you insurance discounts.

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