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Levels of Auto Insurance

While the State of Nevada has minimum requirements for auto insurance, Nevada‚Äôs minimum level coverage may not be sufficient in the event an accident does occur.  If your levels of insurance coverage do not cover in full the damages you are financially responsible for, your assets may be used to pay the difference.  For this reason, the Insurance Information Institute recommends much higher levels of coverage in the amounts of $100,000 of bodily injury per person and $300,000 of bodily injury per accident.

It is also important to consider higher coverage in the following situations:

  • A new or teen driver will be insured on your policy
  • A motorcycle will be insured on your policy

Both new/teen drivers and motorcycle drivers carry a higher risk of accidents and/or injury, so it is advisable to set your coverage at an amount that will cover both the driver and others if an accident occurs. You might also benefit from obtaining Collision and/or Comprehensive coverage, although these are not required in Nevada.

Explain your needs and describe your drivers to your insurance agent and discuss the specific coverage options that best suit your situation.  While premiums will increase with increased coverage, the added financial responsibility may save you from paying out-of-pocket in the long-run.

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