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Auto Insurance Discounts

It may come as no surprise to learn that low-risk drivers receive the best auto insurance rates, but are you aware of the many other ways to earn auto insurance discounts?  Because auto insurance jargon may be foreign to the average individual, discounts that are available to you may be lost in the shuffle of negotiations with an auto insurance agent.  Be sure to ask if the following qualifies you for auto insurance discounts when shopping for auto insurance coverage:

  • Enrolling in Driving School, such as the online Defensive Driving course offered by Driving University
  • Insuring multiple vehicles on one policy
  • Being a current high school or college student
  • Having anti-theft devices installed on your vehicles
  • Bundling insurance coverage such as homeowner’s and auto
  • Having a demerit-free Nevada Driving Record

Auto insurance can become quite costly, so use all possible angles to reap the discounts you deserve.

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